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Today I recalled the memory of the first caterpillar i’ve seen turn into a butterfly.  I thought to myself… WOW, how wonderful it must be to be able to fly freely with all of its beauty and grace.  “Is this what it means to bee free?”  …I asked myself

I then remembered another insect, the fly, whom also has wings but every so often comes down to feed on feces for nutrition. 

In life there are those who are free and those whom find themselves only dreaming of freedom.  Like the fly they find themselves undernutritioned, in debt and unable to stay afloat in the game of life. 

We cherish the butterfly and buy fly squatters for the fly.  ~*metaphor for whips used in slavery*~  I wonder… who will fight and stand up for the fly when the butterfly has preferential treatment and like-ability in our society. 

No matter what…

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